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W-well, awkward...Hi! How are you? Long time no talk ^w^/ 
This is weird and, I doubt anyone of my remaining watchers will read this but... I think I owe an explanation and update on what happened and why I disappeared ;;;;w;;;;
I don't know just, sorry? I apologize for disappearing like nothing and for not replying to messages for just....just anything. Anything that happened during the ends of 2014 and 2015. I also apologize for not replying to those beautiful birthday wishes, I can't even believe you still sent me messages wishing me happy birthday even if I wasn't here, I read them all and...thank you so so very much~<3 You guys are amazing ;;;_;;;
Secondly, okay, Yuun, wtf happened to you? Let's say...all the things that happened in 2014, be it here online or IRL (School) just..."broke" me. It took me the WHOLE 2015 to recover. I kid you not, a whole year OTL I mean...after school and moving to Korea, the stress and everything disappeared...but that added onto new ones, ones I couldn't handle because I was weak from the previous year. Moving away from my family and friends took a toll on me, especially since it's been difficult for me to make real good friends. And...I don't like pointing out to people, I really don't but it won't make sense otherwise. On 2014 me and a really good friend of mine got...into a "fight"...well, not really, we just...stopped talking and didn't talk back again until October of the same year. We got back and stuff but, things weren't the same as before. It was really hard and stressing to talk to them. Then something happened, I was accused of something that I didn't do and they exploded. I wouldn't have...minded if it wasn't because of the way they talked to me. We sent each other notes and the more I received the more I realized their true colors. If they just...stopped we may have ended on better terms...they just continued guilt tripping me even though they never knew or asked about my side of the story, trying to make themselves seem like the victim and...they already did before on 2014 so I decided I've had enough.
What does this have to do with my inactivity on dA? Well, dA is a reminder of the good times I have with many people I've met online but mostly good and bad memories with this person. In the beginning I was being inactive because of the stress and school but when it was was just impossible. It's still giving me this terrible anxious feeling to type on this journal...haha... I mean, I've been here checking on other people's stuff but not to comment nor upload art.
I'm sorry
But a month ago something changed. I've decided that I'd stop feeling depressive. It's weird, trust me x'D And now I'm a whole lot better. Again talking with people, arting and stuff >w<
Does this mean I'll be back on dA? I mean...I still feel weird to be here...I'm not really sure. I did say to myself I'd be back's not definite owo""" HOWEVER! I am active on my Tumblr over here That is...if you wanna talk to me and see my art >w<
I wrote this journal to clarify my disappearance and to tell you, yo! I'm still here :'D
So yeah uhm...for those who read all of this, thank you? ;;;w;;; Thank you so much and sorry, really
I love you guys~<3 
Thanks for reading UvU
and hope you have an awesome and amazing day~<3<3<3
oh yeah


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The Derp
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South Korea
Not on dA anymore, or at least when I decide to be back...
Until then, bye.

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Happy B-day~ :iconcakechocplz: :iconsnugplz:
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday.
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